A Little Serendipity with Your Reading

Night FilmMy hometown library posted this serendipitous game for readers:

  • Grab the book you’re currently reading
  • Turn to page 52
  • Share the 5th sentence in the comments

I’m currently reading Night Film by Marisha Pessl. Here’s the sentence, which I kinda love:

“Tea doesn’t make a dent in the man.”

What are you reading these days? And what’s happening on page 52?

4 thoughts on “A Little Serendipity with Your Reading

  1. “Fifty yards ahead of us, a doe had come out of the woods.”
    From “Joyland” by Stephen King

    • Hi Rita,

      I love that imagery! Makes me want to grab the book and start reading.

      Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. “Some people called me pooch.”
    From “The Sound and the Furry” by Spencer Quinn.

    • Hi Debra,

      I love it! What is it about page 52? It’s uncanny how great the 5th line is on that page…

      Thanks so much for sharing!

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