Ad Homonym

Ayuh, you need a wicked sense of “hu-mah” to live here.

I said farewell to New Hampshire this week, so I thought I’d share a favorite bit of Granite State humor.

You could produce an encyclopedia on the variety of accents between Maine and Rhode Island. As a part-time New Englander, I’m particularly fond of New Hampshire enunciation – okay, I’m biased, but the elongation of the vowels and the dropping of the Rs is more gently executed than in Brunswick or Boston.

And, so we arrive at this sign that makes my heart sing. It’s got that wicked New Hampshire humor and perfectly captures the “New Hamshuh” drawl. The road’s true name is “Sodom” (don’t ask me why; there’s no Gomorrah Lane nearby), and if you lived here, you’d probably make fun of it, too.


4 thoughts on “Ad Homonym

  1. Vickie, the humorous—(intentional or unintentional)—signs you find or photograph always make my day!

    As for those New England accents, well you got me. I have a hard time telling one from the other! I’ll look for your encyclopedia one day…

    • Hi Rita,

      I guess what cracks me up the most is that in such a small area, there are so many accents. Even in the 20 minutes or so it takes to get from Boston to Providence, there’s a major shift in pronunciations!

      At least you can always tell where someone’s from in New England…

  2. Now if only they would get a sign outside Woburn, MA that reads “Welcome to Wooburn” !

    • Hi Hillary,

      I love it! That would go perfectly with a sign for Norwood, spelled out in Massachusetts enunciation: “Gnaw-wood”!

      Thanks for your comment and happy Monday.

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