Here, There and Everywhere

Today’s NaBloPoMo writing prompt asks you to describe your favorite place to read. This is another tricky one – I love to read everywhere.

Sure, like a lot of folks, I spend most of my reading time on the couch, in an easy chair or in bed before I go to sleep (or when insomnia wakes me at 3:30 in the morning).

My fondest place to read is my porch in New Hampshire. It’s got a variety of comfy seating and plenty of natural and artificial light. There’s a troupe of chipmunks doing acrobatics on the terrace, cicadas in the forest, the gentle breezes of summer.

One of my favorite summer reading spots – my New Hampshire porch.

Mainly, it conjures memories of my mom and stepdad, both avid readers, and time we spent together on the porch, each of us with a nose in a book. Even though we were occupied with our own adventures or treatises on history or science or politics, we were united by the joy of reading.

But I can read anywhere. As a child, I read in the garden, at the library, in my treehouse, during recess, while watching TV or listening to music. (I don’t really do the latter anymore.)

For 13 years in San Francisco I took public transit because I didn’t have a car. I learned to read on buses, lurching through traffic with poor shocks, and on the smooth tracks of the Muni. I read in drafty subway stations and at drizzly bus stops.

I read queuing for everything from prescriptions to concert tickets. I do copious amounts of reading in waiting rooms and doctor’s offices. I’ve mentioned I suffer from chronic pain, which makes me more vulnerable than most to the invasiveness of medical procedures since my nervous system has no more resistance after 12 years of 24/7 pain signaling. If I’ve forgotten to bring something to read, and there are no magazines, I’ll resort to signs on the wall, brochures, exhortations to wash your hands, anything, just to keep my mind off what’s about to be inflicted upon me.

Words themselves are a comfort. They’re what my brain pretty much wants to be working on, puzzling over and discovering all of the time. So, I’m happy reading, and I’m happy reading anywhere.

How about you? Do you have a favorite chair, beach, library or other secluded spot for reading?

2 thoughts on “Here, There and Everywhere

  1. Hi Vickie,

    I’m back from six days without internet service!

    I love the photo of your reading porch in your New Hampshire home. It’s cozy and inviting—easy to understand why you love to read there. Your description of a summer day outside the porch takes me back to that carefree season!

    Like you, I love to read anywhere and anytime. Sitting by the fire at home in my living room is one favorite place. Another is to take a book along when Tim goes fishing, and to sit beside the stream and enjoy a good read while listening to birdsong by the babbling brook.

    I’m sorry you have to be subjected to painful, invasive procedures to treat your chronic pain. At least you have the joy of reading to (somewhat) occupy your mind while you wait for the doctor.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the November 21st NaBloPoMo writing prompt.

    • Hi Rita,

      Welcome back to the wired world!

      Sitting by a babbling brook reading sounds pretty darn good to me. Right now, though, it’s more the season for your cozy fireside. Seems we share the love of reading and that it doesn’t matter where we are – just that we have a good book to enjoy.

      Thanks so much for your thoughtful comments about my chronic pain. That’s very kind of you!

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