How Became Became Because

I know. Ouch, right? Especially since this was posted by a major news site, where you expect editors to catch these things. And because, when repeated, mistakes like these can erode credibility.

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It could happen to anyone, really.

It’s definitely happened to me – whether because of some autocorrect feature on my phone or via some weird mechanism in my brain that’s started transposing words. Just the other day, I was typing an email. I needed to give someone a name from an event that took place the previous night. Instead of typing, “Here’s his last name,” I typed “Here’s his last night…”

The problem here really isn’t our brains or our super-helpful autocorrecting phones, it’s the speed with which we’re delivering our communications – enabled, of course, by the simplicity of technology.

The solution is slowing down, briefly, to re-read carefully and edit, where necessary. After all, what’s a few seconds when credibility is on the line?

2 thoughts on “How Became Became Because

  1. I agree Vickie. Ouch! I know these kind of mistakes can happen to anyone; still I’m surprised to see it on

    That said, yes it’s happened to me too. One time I even published a blog post, was viewing it one minute later, and discovered the wrong word in a sentence (similar to the example you gave). Yikes! I quickly returned to edit mode and corrected the mistake (hopefully) before anyone else read the post.

    Thanks for reminding us to slow down and take our time when re-reading and editing.

    • Hi Rita,

      I hate to pick on anyone by exposing their errors – mainly because we all make them, myself very much included! – but if there’s a helpful way to explain why these mistakes happen, so we can correct them, then I think they’re useful teaching moments. :-)

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