It’s National Library Week!

Friends of the blog know I’m a library geek, so it should come as no surprise that I’m thrilled to be recognizing National Library Week, which takes place April 8 – 14.

This is National Library Week’s 54th year, and the theme is “You belong @ your library.” Whether you’re as passionate about libraries as I am or haven’t set foot in your local since books went digital, this week offers a great excuse to visit and rediscover all the resources available there. (See calendar of activities below.) You’ll be amazed!

“The strength of libraries has always been the diversity of their collections and commitment to serving all people,” notes the American Library Association in its press release about National Library Week.

“Today’s libraries help level the playing field by making both print and digital information affordable, available and accessible to all people. Libraries provide cultural heritage and genealogical collections, materials in print and electronic formats, job-seeking resources, English as second language and citizenship classes, and many other creative and resourceful programs.”

Here’s what’ll be happening at many libraries across the country this week:

Tuesday, April 10 – National Library Workers Day
You may want to refrain from hugging your local librarian (unless you know her or him very well), but today is all about recognizing the valuable contributions made by your local library workers. In fact, at the NLWD website, there’s a lovely feature called Submit a Star, where you can honor your hometown librarians!

Wednesday, April 11 – National Bookmobile Day
Bookmobiles have meant the difference between literacy and illiteracy, enrichment and stagnation, in many far-flung communities where residents don’t live near or can’t access the library. Honor the efforts of these dedicated library volunteers today.

For more on bookmobiles, check out this NPR story, “The Final Chapter for a Trusty Bookmobile,” about a Vermont community’s efforts to keep the reading rolling.

Drop Everything and Read DayThursday, April 12 – National Drop Everything and Read Day and Support Teen Literature Day
How cool is it that there’s a day dedicated to putting aside everything else and encouraging families to read together in hopes that they’ll make it a regular habit? DEAR Day is sponsored by the National Education Association, the PTA and the Association for Library Service to Children, among many others.

The Young Adult Library Services Association is sponsoring events to promote teen literacy today, Support Teen Literature Day, and throughout the year. Find out how you can participate on the YALSA website.

Writing that inspired me this week:

“I followed her into the library. The pale light from our chamber below dissipated in the room, but I could still make out – my heart leapt at the sight – row after row, shelf above shelf, floor to ceiling, a city of books. Speck turned to me and asked, ‘Now, what shall we read first?’”
~ The Stolen Child by Keith Donohue

4 thoughts on “It’s National Library Week!

  1. We’re expecting a rainy weekend here so instead of going out on another potential blog post adventure I might curl up with a good book as well.
    Which book did you read cover-to-cover? Or should I wait until your April book reviews to find out?!

    • Sounds like the perfect rainy-weekend plan!

      It was Jeanette Winterson’s new memoir “Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal?” It’s basically divided into two parts of her life: the first is about growing up in a home where books were banned and how she discovered literature through the library and ultimately became a writer, while part two focuses on her search for her birth mother. I won’t spoil the ending because it’s an amazing read.

  2. Thanks for the reminder about National Library Week, Vickie.

    On Wednesday mornings I volunteer in our local elementary school, helping kids to learn their words and to read. Tomorrow I’ll remind the teacher I assist that it’s National Bookmobile Day! (If she doesn’t already know—and I suppose she should.) The Bookmobile comes to our school every week and is much appreciated by the kids. Our Bookmobile also carries a section of books for adults and I have checked out a few as well.

    I had never heard of DEAR Day but it sounds wonderful. I’ll have to take them up on the suggestion to drop everything and read—something I’d like to do most days.

    Don’t think I’ll be hugging our local librarian today though!

    • Hi Rita,

      Happy Bookmobile Day! I think that’s tremendous that you volunteer in the schools to support reading skills – what an important contribution.

      I agree about wanting to drop everything and read most days. I think I got a jump on DEAR Day by staying up till 4 a.m. reading a book cover to cover. It’s been a long time since I’ve done that, but with the rain outside, it was great to curl up with a great book.

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