Leading by Example: Why PR Bloggers Should Act Like Reporters

An appeal for higher standards – fact-checking, source verification and the like – among blog writers appeared in this piece on Ragan.com this morning.

Author Jeremy Pepper notes that just because many bloggers are writing “opinion pieces” doesn’t exempt them from using some basic tools of the reporting trade. He exhorts PR writers, in his call for journalistic standards on blogs, to lead the way:

“We’re that bridge for media and bloggers to our clients and companies, and we can engage and help out there,” Pepper writes, adding parenthetically: “That is why Facebook, Twitter and other forms of electronic media and communications have become so valuable.”

I would add that this is when social media becomes valuable: when it applies standards and is open and honest with its consumers about its content, where it came from, and how it’s disseminated.

This article contains links to some thought-provoking sidebars that you may find interesting (or off-topic) and, since I’m calling this blog No Bad Language, I feel obligated to advise it also includes one bit of coarse language that makes it potentially unsuitable for younger readers.