Mission Statement

I believe there’s no bad language, only unfortunate choices.

I have a passion for language that cuts through the cacophony we’ve created with thousands of channels and multiplying media options. My goal is writing that creates meaningful connections, greater understanding, a stronger sense of purpose about the work at hand.

With this blog, I’m hoping to explore writing that takes wing, messaging that hits home – the good stuff, and why and how it works. I hope you’ll share your examples and expertise as well because while writing is mainly a solitary task, it’s the sharing of writing that gives it meaning and develops our ability to do it well.

Even after several decades as a professional communicator, I still write first drafts that give me nightmares (and would make you cringe if they ever saw the light of day – maybe in a future post, I’ll work up the nerve to share a first draft and show how it evolved into something that someone felt was worthy of publishing), and I can’t write headlines to save my life (see “Mission Statement” above). But, I am driven by the belief that effective communication helps everyone at work as well as in life, and it’s why I spend so much time thinking about it and practicing at it.

I don’t know about you, but I still experience that inspiring frisson whenever I learn something new – about grammar, style, launching a blog, how to read between the hash tags on Twitter – and I hope always to get the same sense of giddiness when I discover great writing, whether it’s a headline in The Economist, a novel new or old, a website, the contents of a fortune cookie, or even in a press release.

What writing has inspired you? Did you post it to a blog or to the bulletin board over your desk? How did it change you or inspire you to take action – or not, depending on what you were reading?

Writing that inspired me this week:

“It’s wanting to know that makes us matter.”
~ Tom Stoppard, “Arcadia”