3 thoughts on “One Is the Loneliest Number

  1. The lack of good editing these days is appalling, isn’t it?
    Even though I think I’m pretty good at handling grammar and usage, I still could use a good editor, or a fresh set of eyes, to set me straight. And it drives me crazy that I still get into trouble with something as straightforward as “it’s” vs. “its”!
    I’m with you on “farther” and “further”—maddening, aren’t they?

  2. As someone who, sad to say, has fallen into the plural vs. possessive trap (my 81-year-old mother caught an error in one of my recent travel tales) I had a good laugh when I saw this post!

    • I’m with you. Sad to say, I picked up my understanding of grammar by osmosis – by reading well-edited books, magazines and newspapers – rather than paying attention in 7th grade English class. Unfortunately, editing has fallen by the wayside, and all of us are susceptible to picking up habits like these. In my case, I’ve completely lost the sense of when I need to use “further” versus “farther”…drives me nuts!

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