PR Gets Social: PR Is Social Media’s Friend and Key Provider of Content

Check out “Social Media Change the Way PR Firms Do Business” from daily radio business news magazine “Marketplace.” The reporter and her sources describe the almost 100 percent increase PR firms have seen in social media business from clients, due to two factors:

  1. Clients’ unfamiliarity with the channels and tools that disseminate social media
  2. The increasing demands to “feed the beast” and produce content for everything from Facebook to Twitter to YouTube
It’s another plug for the “content is king” school of thought. Interestingly, the story notes that new-media content is not all about promoting products, “it goes for ideas too,” says reporter Ashley Milne-Tyte. Getting PR, the story states, includes establishing your clients as experts in their industry, writing opinion pieces for them – content that sites, such as the Huffington Post, find equally valuable.