Everything You Need to Know about Awards, But Were Afraid to Ask…

Early-bird deadlines for several major PR, marketing and communications award programs are looming.

Give your work a fighting chance. Make sure you’re ready to write the best entry possible, with all of the supporting materials necessary to make it awardable.

To get yourself going, check out these helpful, tip-heavy posts written by someone who has both judged PR, marketing and communications awards programs and received awards from some of the major programs. I recommend reading these in the order presented here:

Crafting a Strong Award Program Entry for Your Work

Getting yourself prepared, reviewing award-worthy work, filling in missing metrics and feedback, and taking a hard look at whether your program stands a chance.

Writing Your Entry: How to Make Your Work Competitive this Awards Season

Section-by-section view of standard entry forms, guiding you through the information you need to include to support your program effectively. Includes a FREE worksheet to help you organize your entry, enabling you to show the judges what they want: clear connections between research, objectives, tactics and results. This is a long post, best read as you tackle each section on your entry.

AVEs and AVE Nots: Major PR Awards Programs Will Reject Entries Using Questionable Measurement Practice
If you think I’m a stickler about meaningful measurement, it’s worth noting that many of the prestigious awards programs (i.e. the awards that actually mean something in the industry and on your resume) no longer accept shaky measurement practices like AVEs.

And for writers:

Writing Your Writing Award Entry
Making the most of your writing talent to highlight the key program areas judges want to see in your entry.

Additional Resources

The IABC Gold Quill Awards website offers you tips for writing an effective entry, shares the judging score sheet and provides a download of their webinar, “The Midas Touch,” with advice on completing an effective entry.

Early deadline for the Gold Quill Awards is Jan. 31, with final deadline March 5, 2013.

The PRSA Silver and Bronze Anvil Awards site provides the excellent “Anvil Thinking” video, featuring judges discussing what it takes to win one of these prestigious awards.

Early deadline for the Silver Anvil Awards is Feb. 8, with final deadline Feb. 22, 2013.