The Essential Guide to South by Southwest

SXSW 2013 sparks up March 8 – 17 with sessions on everything from indie film and music to emerging technologies. The full conference schedule is available here.

Here’s a basic guide to the emotional arc of SXSW attendees and how that’s reflected in their commentary on social media. (In April, simply substitute Coachella for SXSW and Tupac hologram for Twitter. Rinse. Repeat.)

SXSW Cycle of Hipness. Image copyright Vickie Bates.

2 thoughts on “The Essential Guide to South by Southwest

  1. Hi Rita,

    I think the naysaying, perhaps, isn’t so much about the offerings at SXSW, which are new, fascinating and educational, but more about the constant desire to find the next great thing.

    The TED Talks are being treated to this “so over” discussion, as well.

    In five years, we’ll probably see articles hailing the “comeback” of SXSW! :-)

  2. I like the Cycle of Hipness diagram! I was reading about SXSW on CNN’s website. Some analysts think that the conference is not the “latest and greatest” anymore, and others think that’s okay because SXSW is outgrowing it’s space and maybe needs to slow down a bit. What do you think, Vickie?

    Have you ever been to this conference?

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