This Is Teen Read Week, Oct. 14 – 20

The only trouble with being a teen, besides just about everything, is that there’s a tendency to roll one’s eyes at things organized by adults with good intentions around your age group. Especially when the actual word “teen” is invoked people of that demographic tend to get a bit stroppy.

The problem, I think, is not so much the effort put into such things as the drastic differences within the age group – between 13 and 19 (middle school and college), a lot of changing and trying things on for size and growing out of things takes place. Most of it completely out of your control, or so it seems. And so older members may feel this teen stuff isn’t for them.

The good news is reading breaks all those boundaries.

All this to say a theme week kicks off today and continues through Oct. 20, called “It Came from the Library…Dare to Read for the Fun of It,” and it’s about celebrating reading for fun and taking advantage of the many forms of books and content offered at libraries – from ebooks to zines to graphic novels and old-fangled print versions.

Sponsored by the Young Adult Library Services Association, the earnestly named Teen Read Week is now a teenager itself at 14. Libraries offer special events for teens to encourage reading and the use of library resources for fun, study and exposure to new worlds and ideas.

For parents, aunts, uncles, godparents, family friends, teachers and anyone else who has the great good fortune to spend time around humans of the teenage persuasion, the American Library Association reminds you that Teen Read Week is also an opportunity to let libraries, schools, booksellers, and other community organizations know how you feel about the need to support programs and services for teens.

There’s a forum, videos, a badge, a blog, event calendars and tons more resources and information on the Teen Read Week website.

What are/were the favorite books of your teen years?

2 thoughts on “This Is Teen Read Week, Oct. 14 – 20

  1. “It Came From the Library…” What a great quote for teen read week in October!

    Wow, Vickie, you’ve made me stretch my memory to come up with my favorite books—there were so many. I liked almost anything about animals, sports, science fiction, books that featured strong female characters, thrillers—how’s that for being specific?

    My 12-year old nephew (pre-teen, I know) is reading Huckleberry Finn right now—one of my all-time favorites.

    You’ve sent me searching for that lost book shelf upstairs with some of those dusty “school book fair” books on it!

    • Hi Rita,

      I’d be hard pressed to name just one or two books that were “favorites” during my teen years, as well. I still have many of those books on my shelves in New Hampshire, from a much-underlined copy of “Walden” to a dog-eared “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” and many, many editions of Doonesbury.

      Glad I could prompt a trip down memory lane…

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