Transparency Statement

I signed the pledge!

No Bad Language is a personal blog, written and edited by Vickie Bates. Views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely the owner’s.

I believe in honesty in the relationship between blogger and reader. I follow the FTC endorsement guidelines, which is expected of all bloggers.

I promise to make it clear to you whenever there is any kind of exchange. You won’t have to read it in 6-point typeface wa-a-ayyyy down at the bottom of the page.

To ensure transparency for readers, I will clearly disclose in my posts when:

  • anything in the blog promotes a current or past client or employer
  • I’ve received a product, advertising, sponsorship, membership or service related to content in a post or review
  • I provide a promoted link to another site or product
  • content provided by a guest blogger meets any of the above criteria

I will not:

  • review or write about a product or service I haven’t tried (I make a habit of following Mark Twain’s advice: “It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt.”)
  • share anything other than my honest opinion about a product or service I’ve received and you won’t see unsubstantiated claims, like: “This writing manual will turn you into the next Shakespeare/J.K. Rowling!”
  • run guest posts that are paid reviews of products or services
  • share or sell your email address when you subscribe to or comment on the blog (your privacy is paramount)

The main goal of No Bad Language is to share ideas and create a community around great writing, whether professional or personal. I focus on reviewing and sharing things I hope are helpful.

I’m a member of the Amazon Affiliate program, which pays me a small referral fee when you purchase books through my blog. I’ve reviewed some of these books in various blog posts and a number appear on my Resources for Writers page. Unless indicated, these are unsolicited, unpaid endorsements; for the most part, I purchase the books I review or find them at public libraries.

If you want to know more about something you read on No Bad Language, please feel free to submit your query via the Comments feature in the post or here on this page, and I promise to provide a quick and honest response.

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